Nasatka Security Answers Spike in Demand with Robust Line of Bollards at GSX in Vegas

Las Vegas, Nev. – (September 28, 2018) – Nasatka Security featured their extensive line of fixed and retractable crash-rated bollards at the Global Security Exchange (GSX), formerly the Annual Seminar & Exhibits, in Las Vegas this week.

Nasatka CEO John Scolaro said, “In 1975, Founder Ralph Nasatka, a Korean War Veteran, developed original, patented design for his first American-made, K12 crash-tested steel plate wedge barrier, which was installed in the Washington, DC metro area. Today, Nasatka Security is an experienced global perimeter specialist manufacturing, installing and maintaining a wide variety of active and passive vehicle barriers all over the globe. This year at GSX we spoke more on our full line of crash-rated fixed, removable and retractable bollards.”

According to Scolaro, there has been a drastic increase in “soft targeting” crowds in public and common areas over the past few years and Nasatka has seen a dramatic increase in requests from architectural and engineering (A&E) firms, especially specification requests for large scale bollard implementations. The increase in interest in deep and shallow foundation fixed, removable and retractable bollards has been significant for sport stadiums, municipalities, corporate campuses, and large parks and recreation centers.

Many perimeter security companies only offer one or two types of fixed and retractable bollards. Nasatka has an extensive line of crash-rated bollard designs to assist A&E firms in designing perimeter security plans, especially for existing urban settings where underground utilities and other space challenges make crash-rated barrier and bollard foundations a challenge.

In addition to their core products of steel plate barriers, bollards, drop arms and sliding gates, Nasatka recently completed a large U. S. Army order of mobile barriers to enhance the security needs in various Middle East theatre regions and in support of Iraq Defense and Police security needs.

In the Washington D.C. region, Nasatka is actively upgrading perimeter security systems installed 10 years ago via life cycle replacement maintenance on numerous federal facilities that include over 200 units under a current prime contract, replacing 20 perimeter security systems per year of designated systems that have reached their end of life cycle.

Nasatka Security Vice President, Services Sales Tom Mullen, said, “We deploy teams globally to maintain and service barrier systems for numerous other manufacturers besides our own. We currently hold a nationwide contract for maintenance and service of barriers owned by a federal agency, in addition to other regional and site-specific contracts around the world.”

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Nasatka Security Weighs in on the Cost of Perimeter Security at ISC West

April 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Among a crowd of 30,000 security experts and over 1,000 exhibiters presenting new products and technologies, 43-year-old Nasatka Security is discussing the fundamentals of perimeter security barriers for potential targets around the globe.

According to a security market analysis in January of 2017 by Grand View Research (GVR), the global perimeter security market is expected to reach USD 29.63 billion by 2025.

Nasatka’ s CEO John Scolaro said, “After terrorist vehicle attacks the past few years in Nice, BarcelonaNew YorkStockholmBerlin and London, we are putting our over 40 years’ experience to work supporting installations of our crash-rated solutions, as well as consulting with architects and engineers on optimal perimeter security designs. With new demand for crash-rated solutions in settings that haven’t previously hardened their perimeters, there is a lot of education to be done. We’re doing our best to help A&E firms produce effective perimeter security designs.”

The GVR analysis also noted that the access control systems segment is anticipated to witness growth owing to large-scale implementation at IT & Telecom organizations, registering a CAGR of 7.4% over the next eight years. Additionally, increasing cross-border terrorism has resulted in high investments in military and defense markets which captured a major market share in terms of revenue and is expected to reach USD 7,851.9 million by 2025.

Nasatka’ s Vice President of Service and Sales, Tom Mullen said, “We’re seeing a lot of inquiries from customers who traditionally needed to control crowds and vehicle traffic, but not protect their perimeters from a vehicle attack. An attacker isn’t going to heed signage or roadway markings, so it’s a completely different mindset. And, of course, it’s a completely different cost to harden a perimeter with crash-rated barrier solutions. That’s something we’re helping new customers plan for in their security plans going forward.”

A biproduct from the GVR analysis reports extreme technological advancements are leading to the development of smart buildings, smart infrastructures and smart cities. Owing to this, the implementation of security systems at commercial complexes, entertainment hubs, and public sites is on the rise. The integration of security systems with internet and the latest mobile devices has made surveillance easier; however, Scolaro added that advancements like autonomous driving and unmanned and inexpensive drones has complicated the risk factors for soft targets.

“We spend a great deal of time traveling the globe to consult on, maintain and install perimeter security systems. We anticipate a significant increase in the transportation end-use market; specifically, with airports, sea ports and railway stations. This jump is largely due to security breaches across territories. Additionally, the Asia Pacific region could see the quickest growth in the global perimeter security market,” Scolaro added.

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