Single Buttress

NMSB III B | Single Buttress Shallow Mount Barrier

Nasatka Steel-Plate Wedge Barriers are the most proven, tested and reliable vehicle-access control barrier systems in the world.

The NMSB III B is a single-buttress, surface-mounted barrier for severe-threat security facilities. The NMSB III-B is DOS K12 L3 certified to stop a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling at 50 mph. The average barrier opening is 10′ (3.05 meters). Each barrier is hot-dip galvanized for years of service and includes a NEMA standard, self-contained attached housing unit. Standard barrier deployment time is three to five seconds and emergency up (E-UP) is from one to two seconds. Manual operation is provided without the need for hydraulics or power. Integrated traffic lights and gate arms can be ordered with the barrier, providing a comprehensive safety and security system. Clear opening sizes from 8 ft. to 15 ft. are available. Typical power for this barrier is 208v, 3 phase, 50hz or 60hz.

Two power options are available:

  • Integrated electric power unit (EPU)
  • Remote electro-hydraulic power unit (HPU)

No weight restrictions are placed on vehicles traveling over this barrier