Manual Operable Bollards

NMSB VI-M (K4, K12)

NMSB VI-M (K4, K12)

The Nasatka NMSB-VI-M is a manually, retractable-bollard system available as single units or banks of 3 or 4 units.

The NMSB-VI-M manual retractable bollards are available as DOS K12 L2 certified or engineer-rated K8 and K4.

The bollard assembly height is 36 in. above ground level.

Bollard covering options include:

• Plastic coverings
• Powder coat colors
• Decorative aluminum casts

The NMSB VI-M bollards are manually lowered by releasing a pin lock, they are manually raised using two options (selected when ordering the bollard):

• Cordless drill
• Manual lift and lock, using 1 or 2 people to lift the bollard and lock it in a secure position