Maintenance, Installation Support and Vulnerability Assessments from Nasatka

Ultimate-perimeter-security is relatively new territory for many in this rapidly evolving, heightened-security environment. As the “Barrier Originators”, Nasatka and our Alliance Partners are able to provide a comprehensive, turnkey perimeter security solution and complete ongoing support for our clientele.

Industries we service

Nasatka offers intuitive security solutions for Federal, state and local government in order to make working environments safer each and every day. Nasatka has signature service integration for the latest technological advancements with existing equipment and IT systems. We provide optimal security solutions in and around embassies, borders, military bases, and other crucial infrastructures. Our integrated security systems capture and cultivate all forms of data to increase security measures through detailed evaluations, constantly improving security forecasting.

Today, security is of concern to everyone. If you are a fortune 100 company with a large campus, a university or a large transportation facility like an airport or sea port, perimeter security and IT infrastructure is a top priority. Our best of breed solutions and rich experience levels allow us to meet the widest range of needs. Whether its biometrics or vehicle barriers, Nasatka has the tools, technology and the know how to keep you and your people safe, 24/7.

Today, our military members must be empowered to do their job. Whether it is access control points or perimeter security, your job is to ensure that your soldiers can effectively do their jobs without unnecessary supervision. Allow us to make their jobs much easier by providing integrated technology designed, tested and proven to secure the perimeter of your military installation. Our comprehensive integration of sophisticated video surveillance, fiber-optic transport and efficient Facility Command control center will enable you to monitor all access points, respond quickly to any unauthorized intrusions and enable troops to detect, deter and defend the confines of your installation.

Security technologies from Nasatka are integral parts in the protection of critical energy infrastructure, from pipelines and refineries to generation plants and transmission lines. Advanced technology like intelligent video systems with content analysis enhance your security perimeter and reduce false alarms protecting precious resources. Complete system integration of access control, digital video security systems, intercom, intrusion and fire detection help you capture data to prevent, mitigate or efficiently investigate true breeches of your security system. Nasatka can also customize the integration of new technology features with some of your existing security systems, making upgrades more cost effective.