K4/K8 Mobile Barriers

NMSB XV M30 (K4) Mobile and Portable Barrier

Nasatka’s versatile mobile barriers can be deployed and operational in 12 minutes, protecting targeted facilities, entry control points or special events. There is no surface, footing or barrier anchoring preparation required.

Nasatka’s mobile barriers are crash tested under the ASTM F2656-07 standard to stop a 15,000 vehicle at the following impact speeds:

• NMSB XV-12ft Clear Opening – ASTM F2656 07 M30 P3 which is equivalent to K4
• NMSB XVI-16ft Clear Opening – ASTM F2656 07 M40 P3 which is equivalent to K8
• NMSB XVX-20 20ft Clear Opening – ASTM F2656 07M40 P3 which is equivalent to K8

This barrier makes it easier for teams to adjust entry and exit plans as the situation changes or warrants.

Manual operation of Nasatka mobile barriers can be performed by one person using a spring-assisted lever bar.

Automated operation is provided by either battery or standard power. Battery charging options include solar, generator or standard power. Over 1,500 units of the NMSB-XV 12 ft. mobile barrier have been deployed worldwide, since 2003.

Nasatka mobile barriers are U.S. DOT approved and can be towed to deployment locations with a standard pick-up truck or military vehicle with an optional military tow hitch package.

Two to three personal or helicopter airlifts can transport these barriers to any desired location.

Manual operation does not require hydraulic assistance.

Based on the changing terrorist threat, you can enhance security at vehicle checkpoints, move vehicle checkpoints, or control traffic inside or outside of previously non-secure or already secure perimeters. You can quickly create vehicle access/egress points where needed, whether on a private or public road. Likewise, within minutes of a decision to “Step-Down”, you can easily move Nasatka’s mobile barriers to a storage area or new locations for setup. In addition to using these barriers to thwart car & truck bomb attacks against targeted facilities, you can use them to support evacuation plans, secure disaster scenes, maintain quarantine or control traffic at large public events.

  • NMSB XV | Mobile Barrier M30 (K4)
    Mobile Vehicle Barrier (Towable) 12ft opening
  • Portable Vehicle Barrier 12ft opening
  • NMSB XVI | Mobile Barrier M40 (K8)
    Mobile Vehicle Barrier (Towable) 16ft opening