Barrier Controls

Barrier Controls

Nasatka’s control architecture provides the flexibility, reliability and security protection demanded by Security Directors and Force Protection experts worldwide.

Nasatka’s controls support a two or three tier architecture in which all communication can be encrypted and all devices are fully supervised. Our standard color touchscreen provides a 5.7 in. color LCD (liquid-crystal display) for operational control of the vehicle barrier, when used in conjunction with a Rampart control panel. The touch screen allows full-Rampart system programming, including all programming options. A scrolling status bar allows the user to view the system status during normal operation. User login protocols via a keypad or keyboard provide high-level security measures. Touchscreens communicate via a data bus originated within the Rampart control panel. All communications are supervised, and we offer a programmable system option that reverts to redundant manual buttons in case of a failure.

  • Tier 1: End-User Devices

  • • Standard Push Button Controls with Multiple Modes of Operation
  • • Nasatka 5.7 in. Color Touchscreen
  • • Larger 3rd Party Touchscreen Devices such as Windows or Windows CE Based Systems
  • Tier 2: Rampart Control Processor and Control Panel

  • • One rampart controls up to 20 barrier or bollard system controllers at tier three
  • • Supports Nasatka and other major barrier brands for customers with heterogeneous environments
  • • Built tamper-proof
  • • Touchscreen keypad for configuration
  • • Communication via RS485, TCP/IP or fiber (single and multi-mode)
  • • Supports a battery backup option
  • • 8 general purpose I/O ports
  • • 24VAC with typical power use of 10VAC @5A Max, 2.5A standby
  • • Secure Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with up to 256 bit key sizes compliant with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 1971.
  • Tier 3: Vehicle Barrier System (VBS) Control Module

  • • Real-time operating system microprocessor
  • • Easy-to-use menu driven setup screens, no PLC programming is required
  • • Provides a secured link between existing vehicle barrier systems and the Rampart controller
  • • Integrated LCD status display
  • • Up to 5 levels of control override/priority
  • • Isolated on-board relay outputs
  • • Redundant copper or fiber capability between each device
  • • Secure AES 1256 bit-key encrypted communication; other encryption available
  • • Events history database and reporting
  • • Power management – isolated from electrical shock and EMI
  • • Barrier monitoring capabilities
  • • Video integration • Blast wave detection
  • • Supports RS485, single or multi-mode fiber optic, or Ethernet
  • • Input power: 12 VDC nominal (10 VDC minimum, 14 VDC maximum), 500mA maximum (board only)
  • • Output power: 24VDC or 12VDC
  • • Supports Nasatka and other name brand barriers
Barrier Controls User Interface

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