Removable Bollards

The Nasatka NMSB-VI-R is a removable-bollard system available as single units designed to allow maximum flexibility in traffic control design, without incurring the cost of retractable bollard materials, controls and installation.

The NMSB-VI-R removable bollards are available as engineer-rated K12, K8 and K4.

The Bollard Assembly height is 36 in. above ground level.

Bollard covering options include:

• Plastic coverings
• Powder coat colors
• Decorative aluminum casts

The NMSB VI-R bollards are manually removed by releasing a locking pin located near the base of the bollard.

Removal requires, at minimum, two people and a lifting tool capable of holding the weight of the bollard, which will vary, based on the engineered K-rating and bollard cover-type used. A chain or lift strap can be placed through the top of the bollard to lift and move the bollard to a holding area or bollard rack.