Nasatka Security Answers Spike in Demand with Robust Line of Bollards at GSX in Vegas

Las Vegas, Nev. – (September 28, 2018) – Nasatka Security featured their extensive line of fixed and retractable crash-rated bollards at the Global Security Exchange (GSX), formerly the Annual Seminar & Exhibits, in Las Vegas this week.

Nasatka CEO John Scolaro said, “In 1975, Founder Ralph Nasatka, a Korean War Veteran, developed original, patented design for his first American-made, K12 crash-tested steel plate wedge barrier, which was installed in the Washington, DC metro area. Today, Nasatka Security is an experienced global perimeter specialist manufacturing, installing and maintaining a wide variety of active and passive vehicle barriers all over the globe. This year at GSX we spoke more on our full line of crash-rated fixed, removable and retractable bollards.”

According to Scolaro, there has been a drastic increase in “soft targeting” crowds in public and common areas over the past few years and Nasatka has seen a dramatic increase in requests from architectural and engineering (A&E) firms, especially specification requests for large scale bollard implementations. The increase in interest in deep and shallow foundation fixed, removable and retractable bollards has been significant for sport stadiums, municipalities, corporate campuses, and large parks and recreation centers.

Many perimeter security companies only offer one or two types of fixed and retractable bollards. Nasatka has an extensive line of crash-rated bollard designs to assist A&E firms in designing perimeter security plans, especially for existing urban settings where underground utilities and other space challenges make crash-rated barrier and bollard foundations a challenge.

In addition to their core products of steel plate barriers, bollards, drop arms and sliding gates, Nasatka recently completed a large U. S. Army order of mobile barriers to enhance the security needs in various Middle East theatre regions and in support of Iraq Defense and Police security needs.

In the Washington D.C. region, Nasatka is actively upgrading perimeter security systems installed 10 years ago via life cycle replacement maintenance on numerous federal facilities that include over 200 units under a current prime contract, replacing 20 perimeter security systems per year of designated systems that have reached their end of life cycle.

Nasatka Security Vice President, Services Sales Tom Mullen, said, “We deploy teams globally to maintain and service barrier systems for numerous other manufacturers besides our own. We currently hold a nationwide contract for maintenance and service of barriers owned by a federal agency, in addition to other regional and site-specific contracts around the world.”

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