Established in 1975, Nasatka Security has provided barrier protection for some of the highest profile government agencies, military installations and corporate facilities in the United States and around the world.

Based in the Washington, D.C. area, Nasatka Security is the originator of the first, crash-tested barrier systems developed, manufactured, and installed in the United States. Nasatka Security’s ongoing commitment to research and development enables it to remain an industry leader.

In actual use, Nasatka’s perimeter barrier solutions have proven to be an effective vehicle threat deterrent, as well as a reassuring security measure for employees and other authorized personnel.

Today, loyal to its founding, Nasatka Security retains an ongoing commitment to the research and development of K-rated mobile, bollard and wedge barriers. In recent years, however, Nasatka has been experiencing a rapid transformation. Responding to the growing global need for integrated security solutions, Nasatka expanded its specialty to providing CCTV, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection and Passive Barriers. In the United States and overseas, Nasatka Security remains on the forefront of development, ensuring their customers safety with their Global Lines of Defense®.


Prior to the awakening events of 9/11 and the establishment of the Homeland Security Agency, Nasatka Security had been a leader in perimeter, security, vehicle, and access control barrier systems. Nasatka continually challenges itself in product innovation to provide the very best and highest degree of safety and security for government agencies, military installations, top security offices, law enforcement, and commercial industries domestically and worldwide.

In support of the Homeland Security initiatives and suggested government mandates for total perimeter security, Nasatka has increased its efforts to further challenge certified product development and innovation leading to successes in exceeding the expectations and standard requirements in perimeter-access-control security for the prevention and thwarting of terrorist attacks toward traditionally vulnerable targets of mass destruction by vehicular “missiles”.

Nasatka’s barrier systems meet the challenging mandates of today and tomorrow’s maximum-perimeter-vehicle-access-control security needs.

Management Team

Ralph Nasatka


Joseph Wiendl