Nasatka Security Sponsoring SIA Policy Briefing on Preventing Vehicular Attacks

May 1, 2018 (Clinton, Md.) Nasatka Security is proud to announce their sponsorship of the Security Industry Association (SIA) policy briefing taking place at the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington, DC., May 10, 2018.

As part of the SIA policy briefing on preventing vehicular attacks, Nasatka Security CEO John Scolaro will be presenting to policymakers, federal agency personnel, state and local government leaders, project designers and other stakeholders on how to enhance safety and security in public spaces.

Scolaro will be presenting during the ‘Matching Countermeasures to the Threat’ portion of the policy briefing and will be providing an overview of current available solutions to combat vehicle threats. Scolaro and his team recently celebrated over 43 years of providing barrier and perimeter security solutions around the globe.

The SIA policy briefing aims to discuss physical security measures and how to better protect public spaces against hostile vehicle attacks by coordinating policies, standards and funding.

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Nasatka Security Weighs in on the Cost of Perimeter Security at ISC West

April 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Among a crowd of 30,000 security experts and over 1,000 exhibiters presenting new products and technologies, 43-year-old Nasatka Security is discussing the fundamentals of perimeter security barriers for potential targets around the globe.

According to a security market analysis in January of 2017 by Grand View Research (GVR), the global perimeter security market is expected to reach USD 29.63 billion by 2025.

Nasatka’ s CEO John Scolaro said, “After terrorist vehicle attacks the past few years in Nice, BarcelonaNew YorkStockholmBerlin and London, we are putting our over 40 years’ experience to work supporting installations of our crash-rated solutions, as well as consulting with architects and engineers on optimal perimeter security designs. With new demand for crash-rated solutions in settings that haven’t previously hardened their perimeters, there is a lot of education to be done. We’re doing our best to help A&E firms produce effective perimeter security designs.”

The GVR analysis also noted that the access control systems segment is anticipated to witness growth owing to large-scale implementation at IT & Telecom organizations, registering a CAGR of 7.4% over the next eight years. Additionally, increasing cross-border terrorism has resulted in high investments in military and defense markets which captured a major market share in terms of revenue and is expected to reach USD 7,851.9 million by 2025.

Nasatka’ s Vice President of Service and Sales, Tom Mullen said, “We’re seeing a lot of inquiries from customers who traditionally needed to control crowds and vehicle traffic, but not protect their perimeters from a vehicle attack. An attacker isn’t going to heed signage or roadway markings, so it’s a completely different mindset. And, of course, it’s a completely different cost to harden a perimeter with crash-rated barrier solutions. That’s something we’re helping new customers plan for in their security plans going forward.”

A biproduct from the GVR analysis reports extreme technological advancements are leading to the development of smart buildings, smart infrastructures and smart cities. Owing to this, the implementation of security systems at commercial complexes, entertainment hubs, and public sites is on the rise. The integration of security systems with internet and the latest mobile devices has made surveillance easier; however, Scolaro added that advancements like autonomous driving and unmanned and inexpensive drones has complicated the risk factors for soft targets.

“We spend a great deal of time traveling the globe to consult on, maintain and install perimeter security systems. We anticipate a significant increase in the transportation end-use market; specifically, with airports, sea ports and railway stations. This jump is largely due to security breaches across territories. Additionally, the Asia Pacific region could see the quickest growth in the global perimeter security market,” Scolaro added.

For more information about Nasatka Security, please visit their website at or stop by Nasatka’ s booth #11144 at the ISC West Show in Las Vegas from April 11-13 at The Sands Expo.

Nasatka Security Focusing on Hardening “Soft” Targets at ASIS

Dallas, TX – (September 25, 2017) – Nasatka CEO John Scolaro and a team of perimeter security specialists will be exhibiting with a mobile barrier at the 63rd annual ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits from September 25-27 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.

Vehicle attacks are unfortunately becoming a deadly trend all over the world, with terrorists no longer limiting their attacks to “hard targets” (military bases, embassies, federal buildings). Several recent attacks have hit “soft targets” (public buildings, parks, venues, streets), taking advantage of the lack of security measures in those traditionally safe environments.

This year alone, large pedestrian attacks have occurred in Stockholm, Sweden; Nice, France; London, England; and more recently in Charlottesville, Virginia. Nice was one of the deadliest with 84 people killed and over 200 injured when authorities said an Islamic State soldier used a 20-ton truck to strike hundreds of people. Large crowds had gathered in Nice to watch Bastille Day fireworks.

Scolaro also said, “The new threats have changed architectural security designs. We’ve come a long way from jersey walls, barbed wire, bars and other unattractive and ineffective deterrents. We’re now striving to provide the A & E market appealing elements that are either concealed when not in use or even enhance an aesthetically pleasing design. Over the past 18 months, we have seen an increase in those retractable and fixed bollards, wedge plate barriers and other crash-rated products that are both visually appealing to designers and provide higher levels of security to crowds.”

Nasatka Security, a 42-year-old perimeter security solutions provider, has seen an increase of design awareness and implementation from the architectural and engineering (A&E) market. The company has spent a significant amount of time with A & E firms providing educational opportunities to gain knowledge and a new understanding for perimeter security technologies and critical differentiators when seeking to protect “soft” targets within new designs.

Nasatka offers an AIA CES Approved Provider Course that educates and informs architects and engineers about multiple forms of physical security and how to choose the best solutions in various design environments. The course also instructs architects how to choose between wedge barriers, bollards, security gates, crash beams, and other crash-rated products given different environmental conditions and site-specific security procedures. Nasatka will educate and inform A & E on the differences between Independent Engineer Crash Ratings, In-House Vendor Crash Ratings, DOS (Department of State) crash certification and ASTM International (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials) crash and penetration ratings. The course also discusses installing Crash Certified /Engineer Rated Active and Passive Vehicle Barriers when obstructions alter the installation requirements other than as crash tested and certified.

“We are committed to be an agent of change by continuing to educate and implement higher security standards that will harden “soft” targets against vehicle attacks,” Scolaro said.

Nasatka Vice President Global Services, Tom Mullen, said, “Nasatka produces American-made barriers and has installed and maintains thousands of wedge barriers, bollards and crash beams all over the world, protecting some of the most critical physical and personnel assets, including sports arenas, ports, airports, open mall areas, database centers, corporate headquarters and nuclear power plants.”

According to Mullen, Nasatka has engineered and crash tested-certified a complete array of Active Vehicle Barrier (AVB) and Passive Vehicle Barrier (PVB) versions of their Pop-Up Steel-Plate Barrier to meet the ASTM, Department of State and U.S. Army requirements for both crash and penetration ratings. And their versatile mobile barriers can be deployed and operational in less than 20 minutes, protecting targeted facilities, entry control points or special events. Nasatka’s mobile barrier systems require no surface, footing or barrier anchoring preparation. Nasatka’s mobile barriers are crash tested under the ASTM F2656-07 standard to stop a 15,000 lbs. vehicle at various impact speeds; crucial for “soft” target crowd protection while maintaining emergency response vehicle access-control.

Today more than ever, Nasatka’s barrier systems should be an integral part of any new or upgraded maximum-security plan. Whether the concern is thwarting terrorist vehicle attacks or simply prevention of unauthorized vehicle access, Nasatka’s Global Lines of Defense® protect some of the world’s greatest mission critical assets.

For more information about Nasatka Security, please stop by their booth #1000 at the 63rd annual ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits from September 25-27 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.

About Nasatka Security

Established in 1975 in the Washington, D.C. area, Nasatka Security is the originator of the first patented crash-tested barrier systems developed, manufactured and installed in the United States.

Nasatka has been a leader in innovation, manufacturing, and service of perimeter security products for over 42 years with a global presence, having corporate offices in Clinton, Maryland and sales and service locations throughout the U.S. and Middle East. Having installed the first steel plate barrier in the United States (J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington, D.C.) and conducted the first steel-plate barrier crash test in the United States (1985), Nasatka has built, installed and serviced products that are deployed at the highest level security sites in the world. Nasatka Security specializes in the production of vehicular and pedestrian access-control devices for maximum security applications. These products are designed primarily to control, detect and, where necessary, stop unauthorized motor vehicles and pedestrians. Nasatka’s business is a unique blend of physical, electronic and cyber security including; crash-tested active and passive vehicle and pedestrian barriers, crash-certified perimeter fencing, guard booths and turnstiles. Nasatka offers innovative access control products including automated, hands-free solutions to improve traffic throughput and tracking. In addition, Nasatka offers 24/7 service and maintenance programs and maintenance services worldwide.

Industry Leadership:
• Members of the ASTM F12 Committee Industry Group focused on the F 2656 07 and draft 012 Standard Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers
• Member of the ASTM E54 Committee on Homeland Security
• Member of the ASTM E54.05.4 Subcommittee

About ASIS

ASIS International is the leading organization for security professionals worldwide. Founded in 1955, ASIS is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and productivity of security professionals by developing educational programs and materials that address broad security interests, such as the ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits, as well as specific security topics. ASIS also advocates the role and value of the security management profession to business, the media, government entities and the public.