Single Buttress (5000lb@30mph)

NMSB LT | Single Buttress Bolt-Down Barrier

NMSB XI | Single Buttress Bolt-Down Barrier

The NMSB LT is a single-buttress, bolt down or cast in place barrier for intermediate-threat security facilities. Depending on the installation configuration, NMSB LT is engineer rated to ASTM PU30 or 5000lb pickup truck at 30mph. The average barrier opening is 10′ (3.05 meters). In the up position the top of the barrier is 20″ (50.8 cm) above the road surface. Hot-dip galvanized for years of service. EPA approved, self-contained attached housing unit. Standard barrier deployment time is 3 seconds (available <1 second E-up option) at an average of 10 full cycles per minute. Anchoring system available as either a cast or bolt down. Manual Operation is eased w/o the aid of hydraulics or electrics. NO weight restrictions. Traffic Lights and Gatearms may be integrated within existing buttress(es).

Two power options are available:

  • Integrated electric power unit (EPU)
  • Remote electro-hydraulic power unit (HPU)

No weight restrictions are placed on vehicles traveling over this barrier