Mobile Vehicle Barrier (Towable) 20ft opening

NMSB XVX-20 M40 (K8) Mobile and Portable Barrier

NMSB XVX-20 | Mobile Barrier (M40)

The NMSB XVX-20 is a 20ft clear opening mobile barrier used for severe-threat security areas that are frequented by large trucks, construction equipment, and military vehicles.

The barrier clear opening is 20 feet. In the up position the top of the barrier is 36″ above the road surface.

The hydro-electric operator system uses biodegradable hydraulic oil. Standard barrier deployment time is 4-6 seconds. No weight restrictions are placed on vehicles traveling over this barrier.

This barrier does not require excavation thus does not mark or damage the roadway surface. Easy to use leveling feet allow the barrier to be adjusted to site-specific elevations.

Variations of the NMSB-XVX-20 Mobile Barrier

• NMSB XVX-20-P – Portable version of the barrier where the towing function is not included
• NMSB XVX-20-MAX – A deployment method for the NMSB-XV mobile barrier family, where four jersey walls weighing a total of 18,000 lbs. are placed behind the buttresses of the barrier.

The NMSB XVX-20 has been successfully crash tested using the ASTM F2656-07 standard and has a M40 rating, equivalent to K8.