Retractable Bollards

NMSB VI (K4, K8, K12)

NMSB VI (K4, K8, K12)

The Nasatka NMSB-VI is a retractable-bollard system available as single units or banks of 3 or 4 units.

The NMSB-VI retractable-bollards are crash test certified DOS K12/L2. This is equivalent to ASTM M50/P2.

Nasatka also manufactures the NMSB VI with K4 and K8 engineer-ratings.

The bollard assembly height is 36 in. above ground level for K4 and K8 and 1 meter (3.28ft) for the ASTM M50 P2 bollard(s).

Optional Bollard covering options include:

• Decorative aluminum casts
• Plastic coverings
• Powder coat colors
• Embedded LED Lighting

Several operator options are available with Nasatka retractable bollards:

• Integrated electro-hydraulic power unit (HPU) based self-contained operator
• Remote electro-hydraulic unit (HPU) operator
• Manual Operation (see manual operable bollards page)

The bollards will travel to the fully closed and secure position in approximately three to five seconds under normal operating conditions.

The emergency up (EFO) function of the NMSB Model VI brings the bollards to the secure position in approximately 1-2 seconds.