Washington, DC – (December 01, 2011) – New York-based Government Security News (GSN) awarded Clinton, Maryland-based Nasatka Security the 2011 first place award for Best Perimeter Protection Product/System.

Nasatka Security, a global leader in perimeter security and system integration was nominated and chosen for their IIID electric steel plate vehicle barrier. This award-winning barrier uses an electric, as opposed to a hydraulic system, and recently completed a 1.5 million cycle without any human interference, which totals over 5 years of barrier cycles at a high vehicle volume site.

David Natelson, President of Nasatka Security said, “We are very pleased to have received this award, our loyal customer base will be pleased to know that the security solution they purchased was singled out for excellence in the 2011 awards.”

Nasatka Security retains its ongoing commitment to the research and development of crash-rated vehicle barriers, in addition to CCTV, video surveillance, intrusion detection and passive barriers. With their turnkey products and innovative security solutions, they expect to continue to receive honorable, industry awards.

In the United States and overseas, Nasatka Security remains on the forefront of development, ensuring their customers safety with their Global Lines of Defense®.

Nasatka Security Integration Solutions include:

– Infrastructure and Perimeter Security Enhancements
– End to End Communication systems for Physical Security Equipment and Command Control Software – Biometrics and RFD
– CCTV and Video Surveillance
– Industrial Fencing
– Design and Construction
– System Integration