May 1, 2018 (Clinton, Md.) Nasatka Security is proud to announce their sponsorship of the Security Industry Association (SIA) policy briefing taking place at the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington, DC., May 10, 2018.

As part of the SIA policy briefing on preventing vehicular attacks, Nasatka Security CEO John Scolaro will be presenting to policymakers, federal agency personnel, state and local government leaders, project designers and other stakeholders on how to enhance safety and security in public spaces.

Scolaro will be presenting during the ‘Matching Countermeasures to the Threat’ portion of the policy briefing and will be providing an overview of current available solutions to combat vehicle threats. Scolaro and his team recently celebrated over 43 years of providing barrier and perimeter security solutions around the globe.

The SIA policy briefing aims to discuss physical security measures and how to better protect public spaces against hostile vehicle attacks by coordinating policies, standards and funding.

For more information on attending the SIA Policy Briefing, visit