Nasatka Security Celebrates 45 Years of Perimeter Security Solutions

CLINTON, Md. (Sept. 22, 2020) – In 1975, Army Korean War Veteran and successful businessman Ralph Nasatka had an idea that would mold the perimeter security business forever. Nasatka, founder of Nasatka Security, first started working in the business when the FBI put out a solicitation for an anti-ram vehicle barrier solution to protect its headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Fast-forward to 2020, with the increase in vehicle borne explosive and vehicle ramming terrorist attacks identified as both domestic and global, the demand for what was once to protect personnel and assets of Federal Government facilities, has become a staple for municipalities and critical infrastructure facilities. This includes database centers, corporate headquarters, and financial institutions, which have many of the same physical security measures as government buildings.

“Physical security plans were once a reactive measure to an identified threat, but now the global terrorist threat has caused this to be the norm rather than the exception,” said John Scolaro, CEO of Nasatka Security. “Physical security design is now standard and it is often necessary to comply with industry commercial and government security practices or to adopt to new practices and procedure guidelines to access-control/perimeter protection design.”

Having conducted the first steel-plate barrier crash test in the United States, Nasatka’s positive countermeasures of active vehicle barriers and passive vehicle barrier systems to mitigate the potential damage from a vehicle-borne explosive device, have been deployed at the many of the most secure sites in the world.

Nasatka’s solutions are designed primarily to control, detect, and where necessary, stop unauthorized vehicle and pedestrian threats. Nasatka’s business is a unique blend of physical and electronic security including; crash-tested active and passive vehicle and pedestrian barriers, crash-certified perimeter fencing, guard booths, and turnstiles. Nasatka provides design to sustainment services to include Custom Design Engineering, General Construction, and Contractual 24/7 Service and Maintenance programs for thousands of physical security assets throughout the United States and globe.

For 45 years, Nasatka Security’s physical security solutions have met the challenging mandates of today and tomorrow’s maximum-perimeter-vehicle-access-control security needs. Prior to the awakening events of 9/11 and the establishment of the Homeland Security Agency, Nasatka had been a leader in the innovation, manufacturing, installation, and services of vehicular access-control, perimeter security, and maximum-security system solutions. After 9/11, the demand for Nasatka’s business grew quickly.

About Nasatka Security
Established in 1975 in the Washington, D.C. area, Nasatka Security is the originator of the first patented crash-tested barrier systems developed, manufactured and installed in the United States. Nasatka is a security product development, engineering, and manufacturing company that specializes in the creation and installment of protective barricade systems. Nasatka is committed to the research and development of K-rated crash-test certified mobile, bollard, and wedge barriers. Nasatka has expanded its global presence through its design to sustainability professional services.