CLINTON, Md., Sept. 13,2012 — Nasatka Security announced today that it has entered into a reseller agreement with Blue Ridge Networks, Incorporated,, the leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for government and commercial enterprises.

Nasatka President, David Natelson said, “We are excited about establishing this relationship with Blue Ridge Networks. Their unmatched cybersecurity architecture solutions will enable secure remote access for our clients’ enterprise networks with a suite of protection and control of endpoints. Their best-in-class secure access through the ‘cloud to enterprise’ network will definitely allow us to sleep better at night.”

“We are very excited about the potential of this relationship to provide Nasatka’s impressive customer base with our best-in-class security solutions,” said John B. Higginbotham, CEO at Blue Ridge Networks

The Blue Ridge comprehensive cybersecurity solutions deliver previously unattainable levels of security and operational efficiency including the following attributes:

“Guard” enterprise data centers from unauthorized access ensuring network trust.
Extend network trust to offices, remote locations, and mobile terminals without modifying existing IT infrastructure.
Eliminate risks from targeted malware attacks and zero-day malware that signature-based antivirus tools cannot detect –stop damage from even unknown malware.
Enable employees and partners to remotely access enterprise resources and untrustable applications (e.g., “dirty” internet, social media, etc.) through the “Cloud” without risk of data loss.
Lower IT operations and support costs by materially mitigating the risks of successful attacks and extending secure utilization of existing IT infrastructure without expensive upgrades or replacements.
Deliver managed security services so customers can focus on what they do best.

About Nasatka Security. Global Lines of Defense®.
Nasatka Security has recently enhanced several areas within their company and most recently rebranded their service offerings from solely barrier protection to complete security integration solutions.

Additional security solutions include:
– Infrastructure and Perimeter Security Enhancements
– Information Technology
– Biometrics and RFD
– CCTV and Video Surveillance
– Industrial Fencing
– Design and Construction
– Serial or IP Sensor Integration

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For more than 15 years Blue Ridge Networks’ cybersecurity architecture has protected against vulnerabilities plaguing even the most advanced networks delivering trusted access in an untrusted world. We offer an unmatched suite of reliable, scalable, certified, easy-to-install, and affordable solutions that enable secure access to network resources with protection and control of endpoints. From critical enterprise operations to warfighter communications to telework, Blue Ridge provides best-in-class secure access through the cloud to enterprise network resources any time, all the time. For more information, visit