Ralph Nasatka is the Founder and Chairman of Nasatka Barrier Inc., today known as Nasatka Security.

Prior to founding Nasatka Security in 1965, Ralph spent his early years fighting in the Korean War and learning the construction trade as a carpenter’s apprentice. Working as a foreman of several high-security government organizations, Ralph gained a unique insight into perimeter protection. In 1965, the FBI contracted Nasatka to design and install a crash barrier that would prevent unwanted vehicle access.

Ralph spent the next twenty years designing, developing and patenting various barriers around the world, establishing himself and his company as industry leaders on the forefront of advancement in perimeter security. After the events of 9/11, the need for perimeter and barrier protection skyrocketed. Nasatka Barrier rebranded itself as Nasatka Security to answer the growing needs.

Today, Ralph still works within Nasatka Security as Senior Security Advisor and Chairman.