Maintenance, Installation Support and Vulnerability Assessments from Nasatka

Ultimate-perimeter-security is relatively new territory for many in this rapidly evolving, heightened-security environment. As the “Barrier Originators”, Nasatka and our Alliance Partners are able to provide a comprehensive, turnkey perimeter security solution and complete ongoing support for our clientele.

Nasatka will continue meeting your needs long after initial work on the job site is completed. Our factory-trained and certified Global Alliance Partner Network provides regional expert service, planned maintenance, troubleshooting, quality parts, and complete systems support.

Nasatka is second to none in barrier installation. Our Support Services are there when you need them with personnel possessing many years of experience in barrier design, manufacturing, and installation.

In most cases, Nasatka offers free initial site evaluation for the planning and implementation of vehicle-access perimeter security measures. We will assist you at every step, from early development through completion and into the next phase of security project planning and upgrades.